siberian husky pros & cons

so why do siberian huskies have special needs? like many breeds, they have their little quirks and idiosyncrasies. any prospective siberian owner needs to be aware of these before making the long-term commitment to a dog. it is a long-term commitment, too. dogs can live 15 to 20 years. during that time they will need medical attention, high-quality food, an appropriate home environment and, most importantly, love.

save yourself some frustration, please read carefully:
all dogs will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption. ashra will not adopt out an unaltered animal, period, so don't bother asking! vaccinations are also included. we require an adoptive home to have a yard with at least a 6' fence around it, preferably with a dog door. if you do not have a fenced yard - you will notqualify for adoption. you must be in your majority (not a minor) to adopt a siberian husky from ashra. please read our adoption requirements.

here are some husky cons:

  1. siberian huskies are escape artists. most love to dig and many can easily climb fences (especially chain link). once escaped, you would be lucky to see them again, as they have a poor homing instinct. we recommend micro-chipping your dogs. they absolutely require a fenced yard, preferably one designed so they cannot dig under the fence.
  2. siberian huskies are stubborn. while very intelligent, they can be one of the more difficult breeds to train.
  3. siberian huskies love to run. it is generally recommended to never let them off-leash in the open. they will run and run, then realize they don't have any idea where they are and adopt the next person they see.
  4. siberian huskies can be difficult (sometimes lethal) around smaller pets, especially cats. this is not universal, but quite common.
  5. siberian huskies are worthless as guard dogs. it is often said they will happily welcome any intruder, as they love everybody.
  6. siberian huskies are much better off if they are not a solo dog.
  7. siberian huskies spend an average of 3.5 to 4 months per year "blowing" their coat. twice each year their undercoat comes out in endless clumps. the quantity of fur a husky sheds amazes those exposed to it for the first time.

here are some husky pros:

  1. siberian huskies are among the most beautiful animals in the world.
  2. siberian huskies are among the most affectionate and loving dog breeds there are.
  3. siberian huskies are great with kids and most other dogs.
  4. siberian huskies bark rarely, instead they talk and howl (usually softly).
  5. siberian huskies have great personalities (except for being so stubborn) and can be quite entertaining.
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