ASHRA Referral Program

ASHRA can help you to find a good home for your dog. we call it our referral program. at this time, ashra is not accepting any new dogs into our own foster referrals homes. if you want us to help you find a home for your dog, you must keep them until the home is found. due to a lack of volunteers, ashra can no longer guarantee that we'll perform home visits for applicants interested in referral dogs. we also are unable to evaluate referrals in person, although we do the best we can by collecting as much information as possible.


  • You must also be the legal owner of the dog. ashra cannot help you find a new, permanent home for the dog if you found it. if you found the dog, and do not wish to keep it while trying to find the original owner, please take the dog to your local animal control facility.
  • All dogs must be spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations before they can be adopted through ashra.
  • When your dog is adopted, you will collect a $100 adoption fee from the adopter. normally, ashra requires a $35 referral fee, but we are currently waiving that requirement.


  1. Download, print and fill out our referral form available here.
  2. Mail the completed and signed form along with proof of vaccination and spay/neuter to the address on the referral form.
  3. Once we receive this information, your dog will be posted on the ashra web site here.
  4. ASHRA will screen applicants through a detailed adoption application and phone screen. when possible, we will also conduct a home visit, but this is not guaranteed.
  5. ASHRA will provide your contact information to any qualified applicants who are interested in your dog.
  6. You will make arrangements to meet those applicants. meetings typically take place at the dog's home, but if the applicant has a dog, ashra recommends all meetings take place at a neutral site, like a dog park. ashra will provide, on request, advice on how to handle meetings with other dogs.
  7. Final approval of a prospective adopter is up to you. ashra will provide, on request, advice on how to screen applicants to help you make that final decision.
  8. When your dog is adopted, you will collect a $100 adoption fee from the adopter. you are not required to send any of the fee to ashra, although donations are always accepted, of course.