Interested in Fostering a Sibe?

ASHRA is an Arizona state-wide organization with volunteers in the Phoenix area, Flagstaff, and Tucson. All dogs are either fostered by the original owner, or by one of our volunteers. There are always more needy Sibes than we have room for, so if you are interested in helping out, follow the process below.

One of the biggest challenges for the foster home is surrendering the dog when a permanent home is found. It is very easy to become attached to the fostered dog, adopt them, then have no room for more. We lose more foster homes that way. If you are truly interested in helping to save Sibes, remember this: each time a dog fostered by you is adopted, you'll have room to save one more!

Our Foster Home Approval Process - Please Read

Step One: Our Requirements. Review our foster home requirements and policies below:

Foster home requirements include, but are not limited to:

  1. Knowledge of the Siberian Husky characteristics. See our Links page for sites with more info about Sibes.
  2. Five to six foot fence/wall and gate(s) completely enclosing yard.
  3. Dig out barrier beneath or in front of fence/wall and gate(s).
  4. No structures close to fence/wall or gate(s) that provide access over fence/wall or gate(s). If there are permanent structures, they should be inaccessible to the dog.
  5. Adequate shade for the times the dog is outdoors.
  6. Awareness of poisonous plants/shrubs indoors and outdoors. One source listing such plants/shrubs can be found at's Plants Poisonous to Dogs.
  7. Fresh water available at all times.
  8. Indoor access.
  9. Crate, pad, bed or bedding as necessary.
  10. High quality dog food/treats.
  11. Constant supervision of infants.
  12. Adequate protection of/from existing prey type pets.
  13. Veterinary records of altering and vaccinating of any existing dogs.
  14. Two references and veterinary contact information.

ASHRA Foster Home Policies

  1. ASHRA provides all necessary medical care for the fostered dog through one of our vets. Approval from one of our officers is required before any expenses are incurred.
  2. The foster home typically provides food for the foster dog. We do receive food donations from time to time and make them available to our foster homes. Note: if you are interested in fostering but cannot afford to feed a foster dog, we will still consider your application since foster space is very limited.
  3. While ASHRA makes every effort to determine compatibility in advance, there is no way for us to guarantee an incoming foster dog will get along with any dog(s) you might have. ASHRA will not be held liable for any injury caused by a foster dog to one of your dogs. You are responsible for proper introductions between any dog(s) you own and the new foster dog. ASHRA will provide assistance in introductions when necessary.
  4. Any dogs you already have must be kept current on vaccinations, including those for distemper, parvo, rabies and kennel cough.
  5. Any dogs you already have must be altered.

Step Two: Apply. Fill out our on-line foster home application, which includes the foster home agreement, after reviewing the rest of these steps.

Step Three: Application Review. One of our volunteers will review your application and either contact you with concerns or to arrange a home visit.

Step Four: Home Visit. One of our volunteers will come to your home to conduct a home visit. This visit allows us to get to know you and any dogs you currently have better, and to discuss the challenges of fostering. It also allows us to be certain your home and yard meets our requirements.

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